Monday, May 25, 2009

baby cardi, and what's with these birds?

I finished the Feather and Fan cardigan for my baby.
This was the first time I've knit anything using the feather and fan pattern, and I love it! It's amazing how such a simple stitch can yield something that looks so complicated (well, it looks complicated to me, anyway).
This picture is a bit awkward, as the sweater was lying in a bush. It kept settling funny, and I was tired of getting strange looks from the lady across the street, so I just stuck with what I had. Which is this awkward photo.
I think the buttons are cute, but they were a bad choice for this sweater. The 'petals' of the buttons get hung up on the button holes. Maybe once the sweater is worn a couple of times the button holes will stretch out some.
The bottom is my very favorite part.

I'm just hoping that my baby has some hair on her head; I'd hate for people to think that she's a boy just because the sweater is blue. Nevermind the fact that the buttons are flowers and the bottom of the sweater is lace, but I've come to a point in my life where people don't surprise me. There are so many people out there whose filters have gone bad (if you know me at all, you've heard me complaining about this A LOT lately...)

So about these birds...
A few weeks ago, Husband told me that there was a bird trying to make a nest on our outside light fixture. He said the nest was small and not yet complete, so he knocked it down. The next day, I go outside and find this-
The ultimate "I'm giving you the middle finger" statement by the bird. I mean seriously, have you ever seen such an extravagant nest? Look at all those long things hanging down! Where did the bird find all this crap anyway?
I thought it was hilarious and sent a picture to Husband. He did not see the humor. Actually, all he saw was a fire hazard. So he knocked it down again.
The very next week, Husband finds this in our grill cover:
a nice, normal-sized bird nest, complete with 5 little eggs. I told Husband I would drop kick him if he bothered this nest.
I went out this morning to check on the nest, and 2 of the babies have hatched.
I can't wait until my baby hatches. I just hope she's cuter than this baby.


Ellie said...

Ah your baby will be WAY cuter!

And yes your time is coming for fit throwing in the store

Also we have a woodpecker....he is benefitting us by gnawing on the stump in the back but he worries me that he may venture to the house, I hope not!

Tonya said...

No matter how you dress your child, she will be confused for a boy. People asked if Leo was a girl when he'd be wearing a blue onesie with a baseball.

Holly said...

Agree with Tonya! Iris is about as girly as they come and people are just... confused. Babies just look like babies to the uninitiated, I guess. The sweater is super cute. :^)

Ellie said...

Brian wants to know if those are woodpecker eggs??? hehehe