Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside.... I knit Ava another hat. Hats seem to be the only thing I can knit anymore, because they go relatively quickly. I knit this one in just a few hours.
Pattern: Gnomey hat
Yarn: Araucania Aysen(?)
This yarn has been in my stash forever. I love the color, but I only had one skein of it, so I wasn't sure what to do with it. This pattern seemed to fit the yarn nicely.
I held the yarn doubled throughout (it's worsted weight) and used 10 1/2 needles. The only mods I made to the pattern were to omit the earflaps and pom-poms on the side of the head, and I made a larger pom-pom for the top instead. I think it's the cutest hat, and Ava seems to enjoy it too!