Friday, April 10, 2009


Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged. I was in a non-knitting phase there for a while, but now, all I want to do is knit. But you wouldn't know it from my progress...

Speaking of progress, my pregnancy is progressing as would be expected. For those of you that haven't seen me in a while, here's a picture Husband took of me last night. I'm 25 weeks along now, and it's my first ever pregnant belly picture!

I read this whole article on how to look 'fabulous in photos every time'. One of the hints was to stand with your hands at your hips, so that your arms don't seem all fat and hanging at your sides. However, I think this backfired on me, as my elbow is now the closest thing to the camera, and therefore looks enormous. Ahem.

I have several WIPs going right now, but only one recent FO- Saartje's booties.
These are the cutest little things, and I like them so much I'm casting on for a second pair tonight, in the larger size. They're a very quick knit, despite the fact that they're knit on size 1's. Yup, 1's. I thought I was going to snap the skinny little needles in half, they're so thin.

Needles: size 1
Yarn: Gjestal Baby Bomull (??)

Here they are being modeled by a strange doll who has his (yes, his) big toes curled up. Not sure who designed him, but obviously they needed to consult a podiatrist as this is not normal toe posture for a baby.

I feel a bit guilty about this, but I started a FLS for myself. I feel guilty because I have only one finished project for my baby, the Saartje's, and I just finished those today. But the FLS seems to be knitting up so quickly, maybe I can squeeze it in before it gets too hot, and before my baby gets here.

I have a cute pink elephant going, and I'm also making another stuffed toy from this book for one of the Knitnook regulars who is due next month. It's blocking right now, then I have to seem the 47 (ok, 8) pieces together and stuff it. I'm just glad I started knitting the second toy before I had time to regret all the seeming I'll be doing soon. Seeming just isn't my strong point. Therefore I hate it.