Monday, July 27, 2009


We waited years after getting married for the 'right' time to start a family, followed by several turbulent years of trying for a baby. When I got pregnant, we waited 9 long months filled with excitement, anticipation, and preparation.

For all the waiting, this is our reward:

Sweet Ava Jane.

Was it worth the wait?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still waiting for my baby to decide she wants to come meet her parents (who wouldn't want to meet us?). Obviously, she's as stubborn as one of her parents already, but I won't say which parent that is.
3 days before due date
Here's a picture of Husband showing off his 'baby bump'. By the way, he's actually lost weight while I've been pregnant. Aren't men supposed to gain sympathy weight or something?

I've already started maternity leave. I was supposed to work Friday, but after my appointment with the doctor on Thursday, I just didn't think I had it in me to work another 12 hour shift. So, now I'm off work, with nothing to do except wait for a baby that doesn't seem to want grace us with her presence. (Be warned, Little Girl, you're getting an eviction notice of Thursday, so live it up in there!!) All this waiting has afforded me some time to do a little knitting though.
I've been in love with this RYC Cotton Jeans yarn for a while now, but I didn't have the right project in mind for it. I really like all of the colorways the Knit Nook has in stock, but this red/pink/orange combo is my favorite. I think it's because it reminds me of my favorite popsicles- which, by the way, if anyone in the Metro area finds them, please let me know where to get them. I only eat them when I visit California.

I decided to knit the Acerola, a cute (and free!) pattern from Tonya's blog. I'm really enjoying knitting baby things, because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Things get done quickly!! Especially this pattern, because it's mostly knit in the round.

I knit the newborn size, so hopefully Little Girl can wear it a few times this summer as a dress, and maybe next spring as a tunic with some leggings. The yarn is so soft, and I am so glad I finally found something to knit with it.
The picture below is most true to color:

This dress/tunic/tank is a very simple knit, but it has lots of texture to keep it from looking frumpy. I love the seed stitch and the pattern on the body, and I learned how to do an applied i-cord, which was way easier than I thought it would be. The only mods I made were to shorten the i-cords (I only knit them 6 inches) and to leave off the ruffled edge, and instead knit a seed stitch edge to balance with the top. I think the ruffle is cute, and may show up on my next Acerola, but for now, I like the flat-lying edge.
Now, I'm off to occupy myself with more waiting.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A long overdue post...

I've been so lazy lately. I haven't been doing much other than growing a baby. I haven't even been knitting much, except that I finished my lace blanket-

(That big green thing at the bottom of the picture? Yeah, that's my belly.)

I made the blanket a bit shorter than the pattern called for, simply because I thought that if I knit another inch on it, I would poke my eye out with a knitting needle.
I like the way it turned out though, especially the crochet shell edging. Thanks, Jane, for teaching me how to do it!!

My friends at the Knit Nook had a shower for me a couple of weeks ago, and my baby got such great gifts.

Cindy, Suzanne, Irene, Vi, Margie, Kristen, me (the pregnant one in the middle), and Jane
I loved all of the gifts, but this was by far my favorite-
a blanket of squares knit/crochet by Knit Nookers.
Isn't this blanket beautiful? I love the way the knit and crochet squares look together in the varying shades of pink. And, I think this is the neatest crochet join I have ever seen-
I love it! Now I'm afraid to let Little Girl use it- I don't want spit up on it!!
She also got other cute handknits- a Mini Pini, several hats, a cardigan, booties, and a Baby Bib-o-Love.

At another shower put on by our 'couples' friends, they made onesies for Little Girl. To be honest, I was afraid of what they'd make that I'd have to put on my child, but I think these turned out pretty cute, in a funny way. Some may need some explanation, while others, like the stain resistant one (which clearly is stain resistant due to the large amount of puffy paint applied) do not.
(I know y'all are jealous, and all want a picture of a Dragicorn vomiting your child's name in rainbow colors on a onesie, but I'm sorry to inform you that this design is a trademark of Kevin. You'll have to ask him for one.)